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Industrial Explosives

GULF OIL Corporation Limited, based at Hyderabad started its corporate journey when Indian Detonators Limited was born in the year 1961, at Hyderabad. With the increase in various activities, the name of the Company was changed to IDL Chemicals Ltd. to IDL Industries Ltd. and then to GULF OIL Corporation Ltd. from 2002. The Company has been listed on the BSE, since 1967 and currently has 58,000 shareholders.

Indian Detonators Ltd. beginning as an indenting agent for European detonators grew into a nationwide, multi-locational provider of explosive solutions. Licencing arrangements enabled the Company to proceed with manufacture of detonators and allied products. Then followed the manufacture of industrial explosives. New products and applications came up through intensive in-house Research and Development efforts. Thus the Company pioneered the production of Small Diameter slurry explosives, as early as 1970, becoming one of the first in the world to provide for a shift from nitroglycerine (NGN) explosives to safer products a move that is being paralleled today 30 year later, globally, by all multinationals. This sagacious move signified that the Company was ready for the big league. The continuous stress on R & D and painstaking efforts by the marketing and service personnel ensured that IDL became well-known for its unprecedented range of customized services delivered on-site. IDL provides the widest range of industrial explosives, detonators, allied products and mining services in India and abroad...

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H1 Consolidated Net Profit increases 5.6%.
Q1 Consolidated Net Profit increases by 11% to Rs.7.95 crores
GOCL Consolidated Gross Income in Q4 increased by 13%
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