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GOCL Corporation Limited
  Intimation of change in the address of the Registered Office of the Company
  Appointment of Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar Tripathi (Director)
  Resignation of Mr. R.P.Hinduja
  57th AGM Result As per Reg 44 of LODR
  57th AGM voting result of the Company and scrutinizers report
  Proceedings of the NCLT Convened meeting
  Voting Results of the NCLT Convened Meeting
  Declaration of Interim Dividend
  Notice of Tribunal (NCLT) convened Meeting of Unsecured Creditors
  Notice of Tribunal (NCLT) convened Meeting of Shareholders
  Schedule of Analysts / Investors Conference Call
  Nodal officers for IEPF
  56th AGM Result As per Reg 44 of LODR
  56th AGM voting result of the Company and scrutinizers report
  Re-appointment of Managing Director
  Change in Auditors of the Company
  Disclosure under Reg. 30 of LODR
  Credit Rating
  Resignation of Mr. Prakash Shah
  Change in Name of the Company
  Accident at Hyderabad Factory
  Resignation of Mr.Ramesh V Rao
  Resignation of Ms. Vinoo S Hinduja
  54th AGM voting result of the Company and scrutinizers report
  IDL Explosives Ltd Has Bagged a Major Order
  55th AGM voting result of the Company and scrutinizers report
Corporate Governance Policies
  Remuneration Policy
  Archival Policy
  Determining of Materiality Policy
  Authorisation for Determining and Disclosure of Material Events/Information
  CSR Policy
  Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management
  Familiarisation and Induction Program for Independent Directors
  Material subsidiary
  Whistle Blower or Vigil Mechanism
  Policy on Related Party Transactions
  Closure of Trading Window
  Code of Disclosure
AGM Presentation
  Presentation at 57th Annual General Meeting
  Notice and Advertisement
  Merger of IDL Buildware and Gulf Caressorie with GOCL
  Gist of 57th AGM Proceedings
  Notice of 57th AGM E-Voting Information
  Notice to Shareholders
  Details of unclaimed shares to be transferred To IEPF By 30.09.2018
  Gist of 56th AGM Proceedings
  Notice of 56th AGM E-Voting Information
  Composition of Board Committees
  Shareholding Pattern
  Transfer of Shares to IEPF
  Unclaimed and Unpaid Dividend
  Gist of 55th AGM Proceedings
  Notice of 55th AGM E-Voting Information
  Corporate Governance Report
  Complaints Report
  Proxy Form
  Criteria for making payment to Non-executive Directors
  Specimen Appointment Letter issued to Independent Directors
  Shareholders / Investors Communication
  Annual Reports
  Company Information
  Registering of Complaints/Grievances
Board Meeting Intimations
  Board Meeting Intimations 2018-19
  Audited Financial Results
  A Ten Year Review
  Quaterly Financial Results
  Subsidiary Financials
  Investor's conference call Nov 2018
  Investor's conference call Jun 2018
  Investor's conference call Dec 2017
  Investor's conference call Aug 2012
  Investor's conferenec call Nov 2012
  Investor's conference call Feb2013
  Investor's Conference Call Feb 2014
  Investor's Conference call May 2014
  Investor's Conference call Aug 2014
  Investor's Conference Call Nov 2014
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Q3 Consolidated Income of Rs. 160 crores, increase of 15% and Net Profit 26%
H1 Consolidated Net Profit increases 5.6%.
Q1 Consolidated Net Profit increases by 11% to Rs.7.95 crores
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